4 thoughts on “Wild-spored rockery ferns No 3”

  1. You ought to read the instructions for creating images because these are not very good for identification purposes
    However this looks like Dryopteris filix-mas, the common male fern

  2. D f-m is the most likely, but the width of the pinnae and pinnules make me wonder if this could be Dryopteris goldeiana. Do you have that elsewhere in the garden?

    1. Andrew: Apologies for the poor quality images. The ferns are so small as yet that I was loth to detach a single leaf to photograph properly.
      Peter: I do have a goldeiana but, although it’s been in the ground two years, it has not yet produced any sporing fronds. In too dry a situation, I fear.

      Thanks to both for your help.

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