Wild-spored rockery ferns

Fern-No.4-002-0.jpg Fern-No.4-001-1.jpg Fern-No.4-003-2.jpg

Dear Andrew, Alison,

Can you help me identify some young ferns that have appeared on a tufa rockery in my London garden. The tufa is in full shade, moist & moss covered.

To give you a sense of scale I’ve potted them up into 9cm pots. The largest (Fern no.4 is in a 1 litre pot. So far, it is only no. 4 that has developed indusia.

I upload images of fern 4 with this post

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3 thoughts on “Wild-spored rockery ferns”

  1. This looks a bit like like Cystopteris bulbiferum, but it doesn’t have the bulbils yet. It comes up easily and spreads widely both by bulbils and by spores. I’ve grown it from both. The young stipes are red but that fades as they get older and these look very old. Alison or Andrew will probably be much more help.

  2. I agree with Peter that it looks like Cystopteris, and bulbiferum is the one that tends to put itself about.

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