More on Woodwardia orientalis

I may have been too hasty in assuming true Woodwardia orientalis was not in cultivation! Reviewing my Woodwardia photos I came across this photo taken in Glasgow Botanic Gardens Kibble Palace earlier this year. Comparing it with my photos taken Japan I think this is possibly it. I will still need to measure spores and stomatal guard cells to confirm but it does look right.

W. orientalis possible, Glasgow BG  reduced.
Possible Woodwardia orientalis– Glasgow Botanic Garden August 2014

Here is probable Woodwardia prolifera growing outside in a Dutch garden showing the narrower, caudate pinnae lobes.

W. prolifera A. de Pena garden, Holland reduced.
Probable Woodwardia prolifera, Netherlands August 2014

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3 thoughts on “More on Woodwardia orientalis”

  1. The Glasgow plant turned out to be W. prolifera after all. It is a slightly crispate form perhaps Cv. Crispa

  2. Hello again Tim
    Looking at your picture of W. Prolifera the plant looks very like mine.
    I will follow your ongoing investigation with interest.
    I’m writing this from Hampshire UK

  3. Hi Olenka
    Your plant is almost certainly W. prolifera, the long tapered pinnules are typical. W. prolifera is the only one of the pair in general cultivation. The var. formosana is the same thing.
    I have a small plant of true W. orientalis grown from a wild collected plantlet. It is very slow and not yet large enough to show the typical frond form. It also does not produce brightly coloured new fronds which may be one reason why it has not been introduced or persisted in cultivation. Once it is large enough I will post some photos.
    Thanks for your interest

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