W&SE Joint Meeting in the New Forest

This year our Botrychium monitoring was made official as a joint meeting between Wessex and South-East chapters of the BPS
We started off parking at Appleslade Bottom in Linwood (SU 18467 09231)
We walked the short distance towards Digden Bottom where we found the Botrychiums small and harder to find but in the same places as in previous years
Altogether we found 38 Botrychiums and 18 colonies of Ophioglossum azoricums
The Ophioglossums were also very small but the colonies seemed extensive and dificult to know how to count

After lunch at the Red Shoot pub we decamped towards Wilverley Plain Car Park (SU 25316 01095)
It had been a hot day but this afternoon was blistering
We walked towards Markway enclosure re-finding several large colonies of very small Ophioglossum azoricum
At Markway we refound both Botrychiums (18) and Ophioglossums (9)

All in all it seemed that the climate, having had a long cold and wet winter and then a short hot spring had not been favourable to the plants we were monitoring

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